You so excited to try on new styles of clothes to add to your style and image, which we all know is an investment to boost your self-confidence. “But, no”! Instead you leave the wonder frustrated with either nothing new or with styles you are not wonder thrilled about but there was nothing else that really suited you better, which you know you are going to regret once you get home having to settle for something that isn’t really you.

Let’s get back to the fitting room as you tried on the clothing items.
1. What was the overall fit of the garments on your body?
2. Did the design suit and fit your body proportions?
3. Did the colours or the prints complement your skin, hair & eyes colour/tones and to mention the rest of your wardrobe to mix n match?

Generally, clothing manufactures make clothing styles for the average proportional size body shape, not taking into consideration that in reality women’s bodies have changed over the last decade or two, with increasing waistlines or hips, due to high levels of stress, hormones in the beef and chicken and the huge impact of chemicals as MFC, MSG, gluten and the high sugary flavour enhancing properties that is in our foods.

Dr Marilyn Glenville, an expert in women’s health, said: “Our waistlines have ballooned – women are fatter around the middle than ever – and our stressful lifestyles are to blame.
“When we are stressed the body releases extra energy in the form of fat and glucose, to prepare us for the “fight or flight” mechanism, but unless you do something physical it is redeposited as fat around the middle of your body.
“The reason fat targets the middle is because it is close to the liver where it can be quickly converted back into energy if needed.”

Reasons to start sewing your own style:

No, wonder you can’t find well fitted clothes in the stores, even for those ladies that do have a well-balanced body shape, are you truly finding styles that suit your personal style?

1. Style of garments do not fit correctly on your entire body, for instance the typical apple body shape, might identify to this, wearing shirts/jackets that are too large over your shoulders when accommodating the fuller tummy area.
2. Lengths of trousers or sleeves are either too short or too long.
3. Seasonal fashion colour trends do not suit or complement everyone’s skin/hair/eyes tones.

The reality is that a lot of women are wearing styles:
1. That do not suit their body shape, with designs that do not enhance their good assets, making them look unpolished and untailored in their appearance.
2. lengths of garments not being in proportion to their body lengths to give that well balanced body proportion.
3. Wearing colours or prints that make them look older, paler or dark rings under their eyes, instead of glowing and being more radiant, which will uplift anyone’s self-confidence levels.

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