Ask and you shall receive! Ask, the right questions

Day 1 – The busy bitch entrepreneur guidance for the 6week challenge a blog a day from Tania Sutherland

Gaining clarity in your business as an entrepreneur 

When you catch yourself asking these types of questions: “Why has this or that happened to me? Why, does it seem easier for so and so, and it’s always a long spiral road for me to achieve anything?” “Maybe I should try another product or service, that might bring in money?”

Ask, “What can I do differently to achieve the results I want?” “What do I need to do, to make positive changes to get better or faster results?” The path that you are on right now, be honest with yourself, listen to your gut feeling, as you ask this: “Is it really what I want to do?”

Are you doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results?

Are you doing things to please others? Is your ego to big to admit that you made a mistake, that you went off track and started a new business venture, product or service because you got bored and needed something new exciting in your life to fill a void, or perhaps you started panicking when income and orders were low, then created a new product/service without spending enough time on it beforehand to think it through, which has just caused you headaches along the way?

Step, back ask yourself why you started your business, was it to make a difference, was it purely to make quick money, was it your calling, was it someone else’s dream that you got caught up in? OMG, these are tough questions, but be honest with yourself?  Get some clarity from all these questions, right down the first thought or answer that comes to your mind, try not to overthink it, allow it to flow.

Perhaps, you are burnt out, from doing too much, lost some of your mojo, been so busy working in the business instead of on your business, and you lost that loving feeling for your passion for your business.

Ask yourself all these questions, to receive the answers you can use as data, to start working with to make some necessary habit changes or larger decisions to get what you really want.




New wardrobe in 1 hour

New wardrobe in 1 hour

Cuba time. Relax summer fashion. Hipster model stylish outfit eyeglasses and straw hat

Day 4 – the 6 weeks one blog a day challenge – THE BUSY BITCH ENTREPRENEUR GUIDE



You just know when you made the effort when putting your outfit together with a good style and colour to complement your look, you immediately feel more confident, so why not do this every day?  Here is a 1 hour create a new wardrobe look, without spending or any immediate shopping required.

Stand in front of your clothing wardrobe. Whoha…. let’s begin.


Breath. Be Brave & Be Very Honest With Yourself. Time to let go of clothing that you do not wear or that you have outgrown, or holding onto for some emotional reason, which you are prepared to let go of now to move on, to a new refreshed you. Ready? Remove all your clothing items, shoes, belts, handbags, accessories, scarves, underwear and coats, place them onto your bed or over chairs, the floor wherever you have space.

What you haven’t worn in the last year or longer put it onto a separate pile, be honest why haven’t you worn it? Is it because you have outgrown the style, was it an impulsive purchase at the time, it no longer fits you, or perhaps your packing order was lousy some clothing items were at the back of your shelves, out of sight, out of mind.

Try on your clothes, take photos of new styles and colour combinations, repack your clothing differently this time. Either re-hang clothing by creating sets to wear together or by colour, or repack trousers together from light to dark colours, and the same for your tops, dresses, jackets and so on. I challenge you to step away from your old habits, have fun, experiment. Pack with a new fresh approach.

Take your shoes in for new heels, and clothes to your local tailor (most laundry services have tailors who do alterations on the premises), have your clothes mended, taken in, shorten hemlines were necessary, make that effort for your clothes to fit you correctly, you deserve to look incredible.

It takes 3 seconds for people to judge you on just your appearance alone before you even said hello. Your image and style is an extension of you, after all, you are presenting your brand, your business make time for your look carry through your message that you want to send out.


Confidence & Clarity knowing what you want

Day 3 – 6 week one blog a day Challenge – THE BUSY BITCH ENTREPRENEUR GUIDE

Confidence, & Clarity knowing what you want.

When you have confidence and clear clarity on what you want to do, you more than glow. It is as if you become aligned with the UNIVERSE!

When you putting in long hours, working on a project or new product or service, that feels right in your core, being on track! Yet, you can’t help feeling deep inside that something is not aligned, even though you still give 100%. The question is are you following your intuition, asking the right questions, being honest with yourself? Reflect, find some me time, to think, wake up earlier, away from all distractions, mentally picture the ideal career or business and lifestyle you really want, with the difference you want to make or offer to the world.

Think back on all the books you have read, the extra courses you attended or degrees you have completed, the people that have have enlightened along the way, the life experiences you have gown through from past to present, leading you to where you are right now, would you agree that you have grown, your desires, path and interests shifted or your totally went off path? Bring it back to what you are doing right now, are you still feeling aligned with your business, career or job

Ask, yourself the right questions: “What makes me feel alive, What excites me, When do I feel aligned and on track with my life purpose, on a path when I feel I am in my zone?”

Journal your thoughts, write freely, express yourself, circle rings around topics and your ideas, that totally resonate with your soul. Break down your ideas into smaller projects or ideas, until you can puzzle them all together creating the large ultimate picture of what you want.

Confidence comes through clarity knowing what you want, your courage follows when you take one step of action each hour, each day every night, small steps to achieve the future you have visualised for yourself.

Tania Sutherland – The busy bitch entrepreneur

3x Reasons to start sewing your own style

3x Reasons to start sewing your own style



You so excited to try on new styles of clothes to add to your style and image, which we all know is an investment to boost your self-confidence. “But, no”! Instead you leave the wonder frustrated with either nothing new or with styles you are not wonder thrilled about but there was nothing else that really suited you better, which you know you are going to regret once you get home having to settle for something that isn’t really you.

Let’s get back to the fitting room as you tried on the clothing items.
1. What was the overall fit of the garments on your body?
2. Did the design suit and fit your body proportions?
3. Did the colours or the prints complement your skin, hair & eyes colour/tones and to mention the rest of your wardrobe to mix n match?

Generally, clothing manufactures make clothing styles for the average proportional size body shape, not taking into consideration that in reality women’s bodies have changed over the last decade or two, with increasing waistlines or hips, due to high levels of stress, hormones in the beef and chicken and the huge impact of chemicals as MFC, MSG, gluten and the high sugary flavour enhancing properties that is in our foods.

Dr Marilyn Glenville, an expert in women’s health, said: “Our waistlines have ballooned – women are fatter around the middle than ever – and our stressful lifestyles are to blame.
“When we are stressed the body releases extra energy in the form of fat and glucose, to prepare us for the “fight or flight” mechanism, but unless you do something physical it is redeposited as fat around the middle of your body.
“The reason fat targets the middle is because it is close to the liver where it can be quickly converted back into energy if needed.”

Reasons to start sewing your own style:

No, wonder you can’t find well fitted clothes in the stores, even for those ladies that do have a well-balanced body shape, are you truly finding styles that suit your personal style?

1. Style of garments do not fit correctly on your entire body, for instance the typical apple body shape, might identify to this, wearing shirts/jackets that are too large over your shoulders when accommodating the fuller tummy area.
2. Lengths of trousers or sleeves are either too short or too long.
3. Seasonal fashion colour trends do not suit or complement everyone’s skin/hair/eyes tones.

The reality is that a lot of women are wearing styles:
1. That do not suit their body shape, with designs that do not enhance their good assets, making them look unpolished and untailored in their appearance.
2. lengths of garments not being in proportion to their body lengths to give that well balanced body proportion.
3. Wearing colours or prints that make them look older, paler or dark rings under their eyes, instead of glowing and being more radiant, which will uplift anyone’s self-confidence levels.

First Impressions Count, Right?




Your image & appearance is 55%

Your body language is 38%

your words are only 7%


There have been studies done on how your clothing affects your behavior, your vocabulary the words you use, your performance and confidence.

As a child you put on a ballerina outfit and you become the dancer, put on a superwomen cape and you get super powers, put on a sexy lingerie number and you become the queen of seduction…

Clothing in cognition studies

how your clothing affects your behavior, your vocabulary the words you use, your performance and confidence.


The test have shown by putting on a white coat on three people telling them one is a artist, another is an doctor, supervisor and did some random tests, they found that the doctor coat, spoke using better word of vocabulary, behavior, character and posture was more professional, and made less mental mistakes through out the test.


You project to the world by the clothes and style you wear & you become what you are wearing and soon people don’t see the clothes anymore just the person.


*Managing your image is the process of putting your best self forward.


*When you project an image of confidence you are more likely to succeed in business and in your social life.. Whether you are changing jobs, recently divorced, single getting back into the dating game.

WARDROBE 20% – Nothing to wear

Wasting time in front of wardrobe

Bored with the same styles you wear



The question is how change this into wearing 80%

Would mean to detox your wardrobe. Letting go of some of your clothes, is never easy, I know.


Selecting  items that will help you create a functional and more versatile wardrobe.


Draw up a list of items that are missing in your wardrobe,

invest wisely in your shopping

adding new items into your wardrobe,

develop versatility

creative in mixing and matching you can have an exciting wardrobe and creating your own individual style.


Know your body shape,

which styles suit your curves

your correct body proportions – correct lengths

my service is to offer you advice ad guidance

colours suit you best.

Using this knowledge To develop your own style & invest wisely



Groomingneat and tidy hair,

good cut, healthy condition,

well manicured, as we speak with our hands this is what most people notice

Corporate world – very masculine

Yin and yang – keep your femininity




Dressing for corporate but still managing to keep your individuality.

LAYERS – having more tops and some basic bottoms

Fabrics types, details that you like bring these into your personal style


  • PANTS –classic pants, fitted or straight leg and flair leg. Black , navy or neutrals
  • Shirt – white , black or in neutral colours
  • Classic jacket –in black or navy
  • Soft jacket – one button
  • Cardigans long or short length
  • Camisole
  • Blouses – print or plain
  • Scarf
  • Shoes, pointy toe, flats, block heel, closed shoes
  • Accessories
  • Well fitted dress, shaped for your body shape








Each item you keep in your wardrobe or purchase, must be able to mix n match with the rest of our items in your wardrobe.




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